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About company


In 1998 under the initiative and on basis of Open Joint-Stock Company" Light Magic" was created by oint venture " Holography industry " with engaging of the investments of the Swiss Company " Capital and Business Management - C and BME DV ". The given initiative of creation of the national protective system of the manufacturers of production and consumer goods in Republic of Belarus and countries of CIS was maintained by Administration of the President of Republic of Belarus, Ministerial Council of Republic of Belarus, Business Management of the President of Republic of Belarus, National academy of sciences Belarus, State committee on a science and technologies of Republic of Belarus, Ministry of an industry of Republic of Belarus, Treasury of Republic of Belarus, Byelorussian Engineering Academy, Joint-Stock Company "Infobank", and a number of the ministries and departments of republic.

The founder of "Holography industry" is Tanin Leonid Viktorovich - the great scientist in the field of a holography and biomedical optics, valid member of International and Byelorussian Engineering Academies, corresponding member of International Academy of Organizational and Administrative Sciences, leading employee of laboratory of a holography of Institute of Physics by B.I. Stepanov, leading employee of a National Academy of Sciences Belarus, member of expert-advisory Advice on problems of national safety for want of Chairman of State Duma of Russian Federation, member scientific - advisory of council for want of by Constant of a commission of Advice of Republic of the National convention of Republic of Belarus on international problems and national safety, chairman of board and founder of Open Joint-Stock Company" Light Magic".

Open Joint-Stock Company " Light Magic" has played a main role in definition and shaping of the participants of the closed Joint-Stock Company " Holography Industry ", among them: Open Joint-Stock Company "Light Magic", Institute of physics by B.I. Stepanov of the National Academy of sciences of Belarus,Traging Private Unitary Enterprise "Technohimtrade",Scientific and Technical Unitary Enterprise "Kriptoteh" of Departament of the State Signs of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus, Republican Unitary Enterprise "Krystall", Brest liquor-vodka factory "BELALKO", Open Joint-Stock Company "Kommunarka", Manufacturing Enterprise " Minsk Mechanical Factory by S.I. Vavilov", Joint-Stock Company "Industry of light М ". The idea was , that the customer and executor should be incorporated by one purpose, to protect the manufacturers of production and consumers of the goods in Republic of Belarus. The given enterprise is unique in republic specializing on production of holographic production intended for marks and protection from a fake of the most broad circle of the goods, valuable papers and documents.

Not accidentally among the shareholders Joint-Stock Company " Holography Industry " - Institute of physics by B.I. Stepanov of National academy of sciences of Belarus, Manufacturing Enterprise " Minsk Mechanical Factory by S.I. Vavilov" and Open Joint-Stock Company" Light Magik". Together these enterprises have prepared scientific and technical basis for work on further development of technologies of protective means and identification.

Production Joint-Stock Company" Holography industry " today has not analogs in the world. It is important to mark, that abroad separate work cycle for want of creation of holographic production is made by various firms. And to combine all in a uniform line-up - from an intention up to final production, switching on both holographic, and polygraphic elements, - for the first time it was possible in Беларуси. Not accidentally among the workers of the enterprise there are doctors and candidates of sciences. At the command of the enterprise - newest наукоемкое the equipment for production of holographic and polygraphic production.

Company " Holography industry " offers everyone, who requires new solutions on a guard of production from fakes to be acquainted with methods of a holographic guard. The unique images form under the individual projects, and the original matrix, from which the holograms are duplicated, is the property of the customer. The holograms can not be reproduced or are copied by traditional methods. The application of a holographic guard does not require a modification of a kind of packing, she can be put on packing from any material, both at the moment of prepacking the goods, and in постпечатный period on a polygraphic product.

The hologram, being by a means of a guard, has a bright aesthetic kind and plays the important role for engaging attention of the buyers. Doubtlessly, the introduction of a holographic guard requires acceptance of measures on informing the buyers about external properties of the hologram. However declared guards for visual monitoring should be combined with availability of the latent guards known only to the proprietor of the hologram and permitting to make instrument and expert monitoring.

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