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The instruction on the hologram for dummies.

You deliberate above what goods to acquire from a number similar, lying before you on a counter. On packing one from them the sticker shines. Look narrowly closer. It is HOLOGRAM.

What is the hologram? It is optical object, which

  • changes colour for want of modification of a sight angle of the observer
  • can change the form and visible sizes of images (animation of objects of the hologram)
  • can be volumetric

For what it is necessary to purchase production with holographic is familiar?

The hologram is acknowledgement of authenticity of a product. Purchasing the goods with the hologram is quiet for quality of the bought goods. And the qualitative goods are what will not cause harm to you and yours close.

Remember, that the holograms can be used not only as protection from a fake, but also and as seals. For want of to attempt unsticking or any other method of branch of the hologram the full or partial destruction of a sign which is not giving in to restoring happens. Therefore availability of the hologram on production testifies also that the packing is opened for the first time.

The feeling of security is a feeling of reliance in tomorrow's bottom.

  • you care of the health (case history)
  • you acquire the qualitative goods:
    • audio -, video -, CD- and DVD-production (case history)
    • engineering (case history)
    • mobile telephones (case history)
    • products of mass consumption (case history)
  • purchase qualitative products of a feed (case history)
  • work with the documents (case history)
  • use the travel ticket (case history)

Whether and can you with confidence tell, what all these goods ORIGINAL?

The availability of a holographic sign on the goods testifies to it of authenticity.

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The instruction on the hologram for dummies...

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