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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Joint-Stock Company "Holography industry" is one of leading enterprises in manufacturing high-quality polygraphic production in the Republic of Belarus and a unique manufacturer of protective holograms.

The long-term operational experience with the largest commodity producers of our country and near abroad guarantees high workmanship of orders. Among the customers of our production are such enterprises as Open Joint-Stock Company "Kommunarka", Republican Unitary Enterprise "Krystall", Brest liquor-vodka factory "BELALKO", Open Joint-Stock Company "Slodych", Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection RB, Committee of state security RB, Minsk printed factory Goznak, Belsel Ltd, National Olympic Comittee, Grodno beer factory, JSC "Naturprodukt", JSC "Minsk soft-drink factory", Open Joint-Stock Company "Krynitsa", etc.

Experts of the enterprise with the help of the modern equipment can execute any order of yours, starting from development of design before the release of finished holographic production, stamping a foil, volumetric a stamping, curly carving, etc.

On the basis of long-term development Joint-Stock Company "Holography industry" possesses technologies of a full cycle of holograms manufacturing, including recording original technologies, duplicating of holographic images and ways of their drawing. Joint-Stock Company " Holography industry " offers the services on manufacturing protective and image holograms on self -adhesive basis, as well as in rolls for their subsequent pressing in the machine way on your firm production.

Our researches show that the presence of a holographic image on packing and a label increases the appeal of productions by 53 %, positively influences manufacturer's image and thus protects production from a counterfeit and adulteration.

Achievements of the enterprise.

In 2007 Holography industry became a member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA)

Holography industry is a prize-winner of the competition "Product of the year 2006", the enterprise was awarded with the first degree diploma "For development of innovation technologies directed on highly effective goods protection in the Belarusian food market".

Holography industry takes the third place in the competition "Packing and label 2002" in the nomination "the Best label 2002/offset way of press"

Holography industry is the winner of the Minsk city competition "The Best businessman 2004" among legal persons in the nomination "The Best businessman in the sphere of manufacturing consumer goods among small enterprises".

Holography industry is the winner of the Minsk regional competition "The Best businessman 2004" in the nomination "Development, introduction of high and innovative technologies"

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